Three easy editing steps

Firstly, I have to just say that I was so overwhelmed for the support on my first blog about Instagram engagement and really can’t thank you enough. So, whilst the support remains, I’ll keep on writing! Interestingly, one of the main issues that many of you said you’d like some help on was around editing. Now, I can’t profess to be an editing guru but I am more than happy to impart my tips on simple editing and the creating of a theme in three easy steps and to share with you the basics behind @justhelenmarie.


1. Choose your theme

Now, this may fill you with dread but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Scrolling through instagram you will find the feeds that you are aesthetically inspired by, be it dark and moody, light and airy or destaurated. I’m definitely drawn to the destaurated themes. Then think about a colour scheme. I tend to work with three colours as these work nicely together when you alternate on your grid. My go to colours are pink (just in case you needed reminding!), greys and whites. Now, I appreciate as I’m writing this that there are many who aren’t on Instagram to create a smooth flowing grid and to you I’m almost envious!

2. Creating your theme in an editing App

My favourite editing App is definitely VSCO. This is a free App but you may have to pay to unlock some more of the themes. There are other editing Apps that I use such as Afterlight2 and Lightroom and there are many more available too but I’m going to show you the basic steps I take for the majority of my photos.

Now, VSCO has so many different filters and it can be overwhelming so I suggest that you upload one of your unedited photos and scroll through the different filters applying them all and seeing where your favourite tones are accentuated. I favour the A filters, HB1 & 2 and the J filters.

So, let me take you through my basic editing process.

If an image is too dark I download into Afterlight2 and slightly increase the brightness. There is an option to do this in VSCO but I find that Afterlight literally floods the image with daylight as opposed to overexposing. Here’s how:

Save this brightened image and then download into VCSO. This is where the magic really happens! Scroll through the carousel below to see my editing in VSCO (click on right hand image to see all 7 stages).

3. Final editing stages in Instagram

So, once I’ve saved my VSCO edited image, I upload to Instagram and apply a couple of simple editing processes here. Namely, a little brightening and always some sharpening as I find the sharpening tool on Instagram my favourite.

Final thoughts

Editing is personal. It’s your personality shining through on your photos. No one can steal your edit as no one will ever have your eye. As they say, imitation is flattery but there is always room for you to make your edit your own. It’s also important to remember that your followers don’t always follow you for your images. They love personality and a realness behind the squares so always bear that in mind when you are creating an aesthetic for your feed. Because, let’s be honest, if you aren’t real and genuine behind whatever edit you use then your followers aren’t going to stay!

Happy editing and, as always, if you have any questions, please either comment below or drop me a dm on my instagram @justhelenmarie.

Thank you so much for reading.

Happy scrolling,

Helen x



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