Five Things I've Learnt About Instagram This Week

As those of you who follow my Instagram account will know, I’m a big fan of sharing tips that I learn along the way, so I thought I’d start a new series where I share what I’ve learnt in a week. This is of course aimed at those who are new to Instagram as I’m sure the big accounts are more than aware! Right, here goes …

1. Don’t edit a post once you’ve pressed share

Now, I’d heard lots of people banding this around and although I tried really hard not to do it, I didn’t really know why. However, on researching it appears that it isn’t a myth. You really shouldn’t edit your post once you’ve pressed share. The reason being that as soon as you post your photo the algorithm kicks into play and if you get lots of engagement, particularly within the first hour, the algorithm boosts your post. If you go in and edit your post Instagram resets your engagement ranking to as if it had just been posted, therefore losing you any potential of climbing up the algorithm as engagement always slows after that first hour. So, any engagement you’ve had prior to the edit will not count anymore.


2. Copy and pasting hashtags vs writing them out

Oh the different opinions on this is vast but all the research I’ve looked at this week points to copy and pasting not being a disadvantage at all as long as you aren’t using the same block of hashtags in every single post and then that’s a whole different issue. I have always written them out every time in my caption but I’m going to be brave this week and copy and paste. If I see a difference I will of course report back!

3. Never compare

OK, so for those of you who saw me have an absolute rant on stories this week about people buying followers, you will know that I was sliding into the dark and dreary realms of comparisonitis. Don’t do it. It’s an unhealthy place to be and a complete creativity inhibitor. Focus on yourself. Be inspired and propel yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. And if you find this hard then research about Instagram, watch YouTube, read read read and get those creative juices flowing again because trust me it is a whole better place to be in.


4. Connect with your followers

I’m not talking about the ones you chat to everyday but other people you follow too. I’ve spent more time than usual on stories this week chatting to people who I’ve followed for ages but never connected with as such. It’s been wonderful. Collaborations have been arranged, lunches booked, coffee dates made as well as just feeling that you really do have a wonderful wider community out there. I can’t encourage this enough. Really is a breath of inspiring air!

5. Social Blade

Now I thought long and hard about mentioning this but ever since my rant on the buying of followers I had so many people contact me feeling as dejected as I was and one person in particular directed me to the Social Blade App. Sadly, it does identify those who are buying followers and, whilst it may not make you feel great about checking, it does make you feel a whole lot better that your account isn’t falling behind and the content you‘re producing isn’t rubbish but just that you are being authentic. Now, this week, more than any other time I’ve been on Instagram, I’ve learnt that I’d rather be me than someone being less than honest on this platform, whatever their reasons.

OK, so a short and sweet blog from me but, as you know, I always like to share what I learn along the way and I do hope this has been helpful to some of you. If you have any questions, or want more info on any of the topics raised, please drop me a comment below or drop me a dm.

Thank you so much for reading.

Happy scrolling.

Helen x

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