Five Things I've Learnt About Instagram This Week

With so much wonderful feedback from you all on my first in this series last week, I’ve been doing heaps of research for you with five more things I’ve learnt. I’m sure there will be lots of you who know most of these finds but I hope that it is helpful to some of you. And, as always, just let me know if there is something you want covered and I’ll add it to the list. Right, so here goes:

1. Business Account

I shared a picture on my stories this week of my data analyitcs showing reach, profile visits and other really useful statistics on one of my posts. Following the share I recieved so many messages from people asking where I got them from. This is availbale to everyone who has a business account and is free of charge. The benefits of a business account are that, not only do you have access to analytics on your account, such as reach, you also can see where your impressions on your posts are coming from such as from hashtags or home. There is also the ability to see a breakdown in gender, find out when your followers are most active on Instagram and give people the ability to contact you directly from your page via your email address. One thing I need to mention here is that you do need to have a Facebook page to be able to switch your Instagram account to business.


2. Engagement Rate

Now, this has been a really interesting discovery for me this week and I appreciate it may not be for everyone but it gives you an idea of how you are performing on Instagram. There are lots of sites on google that will help you calculate yours but I used Plann for the calculation. So, the simple calculation is:

No. of comments on post (not including your replies) + total number of likes on post

Divide this total by total number of followers

Multiply 100 to get percentage.

e.g. 50 comments + 300 likes = 350

350/10,000 (followers)=0.035

0.035 x 100 = 3.5%

So, what does this figure mean and how can you tell how your posts are performing? Well, Scrunch blog says:

  • less than 1% = low engagement rate

  • Between 1% and 3.5% + average/good engagement rate

  • Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate

  • Above 6% well everyone says your killing it!

So, if you’re above 3% you’re doing well and your followers are generally engaged with you. I found this a good marker to assess which style of posts do well and what my audience wants to see. Oh and on a quick scan of my posts it was definitely all about the pink and the flowers so you’ll be seeing more of that!


3. Useful Instagram & Social Media Marketer

Very much like the company Fohr who I have shared with you on my feed before, I found Scrunch this week. You don’t have to sign up with them to benefit from their services as their blog is available for anyone to read. I found some great articles on there around increasing engagement on your social media channels as well as some fantastic inspirational interviews with established Instagrammers.

4. Geo Tag

This means putting the exact location of where your photo was taken. There are consistent reports this week that posts with a tagged location are getting a 79% higher engagement than those without. I haven’t tested this yet but will be doing so this week for sure because that figure is crazy!

5. App Of The Week

This has to be hands down my favourite app of the week and it’s SKRWT. It’s a straightening app and it is so easy to use. For those of you who post facades this is a game changer. I thought I had the hang of it with other straightening apps I was using but this is a whole different level of straightening. If straightening isn’t your thing then I apologise but for the Virgo in me this is a dream of an app.

OK, so that’s my five for this week. Hope there’s something in here that you’ve found useful. Happy to chat more in comments below or drop me a dm on instagram if you’ve any questions.

Thank you for reading and, as always, happy scrolling.

Helen x

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