How To Start Your Own Hashtag Community

In a world where Instagram seems to be a mix of those who are stumbling over others to be the best, ignoring the community aspect, liking and following for likes and follows back, playing the unfollow/follow game and those who genuinely do care about where their engagement comes from, I found my oasis of calm. I created my own hashtag #mycityloves where people can tag anything from the city/town they live or are visiting that they love. It’s a place where a little community is growing and where people can find other like-minded Instagrammers with a passion for not only sharing their photos but being part of something a little more. Yes, people who use my hashtag can have the chance of being featured but they can also find other similar accounts and people who engage. So, this blog shows you how to start your own hashtag community and how to help it grow.

Photo from #mycityloves feed

Photo from #mycityloves feed

1. Think about what makes you spark. What are the posts that you love to see when you scroll? What is your explore page full of? For me it was cities, travel, flowers and coffee (oh and cute puppies!) so I needed a tag that embraced all of these (minus the puppies!). I would suggest that you don’t go too narrow as it’ll be hard to grow. If I had restricted mine to London I would only engage with those accounts who were London based, whereas, many of the accounts I follow and engage with are from all over the UK and world. I wanted them to be part of the hashtag too.

2. Write down all the words that define your feed. If your explore page is totally different from what you post then you need to find something that encompasses the two.

3. Find words that overarch your themes and are inclusive. Make it short and catchy so people can easily recall the tag. Search Instagram to check that the tag isn't already in use and don’t make it too similar to one already out there.

4. Launch your tag. Tell the world about your tag. Pop it in your bio. Feature people in your stories or on your feed who use the tag. Comment and like on the those that join the community. Big your hashtag up! Give it all the love. Keep your hashtag in your stories so people are reminded. Spread the love within your hashtag community. Invite people to join your hashtag …

Photo from #mycityloves feed

Photo from #mycityloves feed

5. And then watch your little community grow. The negative side of the gram slowly disappears as you realise you’ve a little space within social media where numbers don’t matter, creativity wins and that hashtag #communityovercompetition couldn’t be shouting any louder. And remember, you reap what you sow! I honestly believe that you’ll find those like minded individuals that make posting on Instagram a joy. You’ll find your own community and isn’t that the best part about the gram?

If anyone is thinking of setting up their own hashtag and would like some more tips then please drop me a dm as always happy to help.

Thank you for reading and happy scrolling.

Helen x

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